Friday, December 2, 2016

I'm Ending This Blog


I'm giving up uploading on this blog. I've decided to mainly focus on posting on DeviantArt instead. Having a daily drawing habit and posting onto multiple sites per day can be time-consuming.
I will still leave up this blog for archiving purposes. You can find my newest drawings at

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Still Life Practice - Level, Pliers, Uhm. . . That other thing

[REQUEST] Snoopy and Woodstock Get Ready For Bed

Someone at DeviantArt requested that I draw some Snoopy and Woodstock drawings for him. It just cane out of the blue but I gladly accepted the offer. Here's the request:

Racefan2464 said the following:

ok, here they are, word of warning however, these will be cute:

1. a scene involving sleepy snoopy here, (…).

2. one of snoopy, laying in bed and is getting sleepy as woodstock is singing him a lullaby while flying to him while he brings snoopy's nightcap to him.

3. one of snoopy, dressed like this, (…), sitting on the bed and is reading a bedtime story to woodstock.

4. one of snoopy, once again like this, (…), asleep in bed and snoring with woodstock in matching nightcap and is also asleep and snuggled on snoopy's tummy.

5. one of snoopy, again dressed like this, (…), sitting on the bed with woodstock, in a matching nightcap, as snoopy holds him in his arms and sings him a lullaby for comfort during a light night thunderstorm.

6. one of snoopy, again dressed like this, (…), sitting on the bed with woodstock, in a matching nightcap and are stretching and yawning as they just woke up.

and finally, one of snoopy and woodstock, both in the bathroom and are both getting ready for bed, with woodstock brushing his teeth as snoopy puts his nightcap on and is wearing slippers on his feet please?

and here are the drawings:

These were a lot of fun to draw and I was curious as to what he needed the drawings for and this is his reply:

i'm not gonna use them i just wanna see some cute art of snoopy, i've been having a tough time lately

That's really cool. It feels to just be glad to help out but what's even better is to know that are can have more potential to improve someone's than I initially thought.

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