Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A series of quick drawings for my brother's birthday

It was my brother's birthday today and I wanted to do something special by drawing something for him. Trouble was, I couldn't figure out what. I came up with an idea of drawing a series of sketches of the party scene. Because I decided to draw while the party was going on however, I ended up trying to do things too quickly and too unfocused. Not to mention that I'm still not that good at drawing so I didn't even like most of what I made today. Well, except for my last drawing but I'll get to that later. Let's get to how I decided to start.

I figured I'd be drawing cartoon people so, before the party began, I spent about 15 minutes practicing random cartoon sketches of people the best way I could and in my own style. Not too bad, not too good. It's practice though, just something I do everyday. But I enjoyed it, alone in my room just the way I like it.

When the party began, I tried to draw the food table. It was a disaster. I learned not the drawing mistakes I was making but that I'm better off drawing alone by myself in a room sitting down and focused rather than standing up (because I didn't have a chair to sit down on) in an open room with people while talking to other people at the same time. Plus, it generally looks awful. It was still good practice though. That's a good thing.

Are you wondering why 80% of this page is empty? It's not because I didn't have enough time or I didn't think I was good enough to continue. I just legit got bored. Plus, it was a mistake to try to engage in a task that I'm not very good at yet in an environment that's very distracting. I just didn't want to spend much energy anymore, I just wanted to enjoy the party by this point. But before that. . .

Of course, I needed to draw this at some point. I have a feeling that this is the only thing I should have done today in the first place. The text in the oval to the right reads "Here is a super generic birthday greeting because I couldn't think of anything special to draw for you. Also, I'm bored and tired and I'd rather take a rest and enjoy the party rather than think of more things to draw." I personally presented it to him when I was done and to my surprise, he liked it. I like to think of the joke text as putting my unique spin to an otherwise truly generic drawing. I guess drawing skill alone is not always what makes certain artworks special to some people.

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