Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Toy Battleship

I found a toy battleship lying in my house somewhere. I don't know who owned it or where it's from. Man, I really must live in a messy house if I somehow ended up finding something of unknown origin. Anyway, I decided to clean and keep it because it was the perfect thing to draw for today.

It was a lot harder for me to draw than I initially expected but it came out alright. It's largely drawn freehand although I could have used the help of a ruler more. It's certainly better than when I was 15 and I decided to try to draw a computer mouse and quickly gave up because I found it too difficult. A damn computer mouse! It does not require much expertise to draw the above toy but surely one could say that there's definitely progress.

Drawing this gave me an idea of sketching other kinds of toys now. I have loads of old toys kept in some containers in a closet that I have not opened in years. It might be fun to check them out some time so I can have more material to draw.


Well, technically I used the toy battleship as the reference.

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