Friday, September 30, 2016

Eezy Doodles #3 (My first ink drawings!)

I've been wanting to have a drawing pen for a long time now. Today I got the brilliant idea of, oh I don't know. . . just BUYING one? I wonder what took me so long from getting this idea. Maybe I subconsciously thought that I wasn't ready for it yet? I don't know. . . Anyway, I present to you my first ever sketchbook page where I use a drawing pen.

Just like I mentioned yesterday, I wanted to draw some cartoons today. I came up with 2 random and weird cartoon character ideas. The first is a zombie kid named  Dead Ed and next to him is a strange girl who may or may not have the power to manipulate time named Chrona. I wanted to draw a third character but there was not enough space left for a new character and name logo so I decided to draw the two new characters again.

Today was really challenging but also new and exciting. I was very worried at first but using a drawing pen turned out to be a lot easier than I thought it would be. Especially since, I would already have a pencil sketch to simply mimic when putting in the ink. Ink definitely looks a lot better than graphite but I don't want to use drawing pens too much. They're more expensive than drawing pencils and I suspect they run out of ink faster than pencils lose graphite.

The two characters I came up with are pretty cool, especially Dead Ed. I may actually use him again in the future. I'm not so sure about Chrona, though, she doesn't appeal to me that much. I can imagine Dead Ed being a funny character by trying to blend in with normal human society but what does Chrona do? I guess only time will tell if I decide to incorporate these characters into my art in the future.

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